VOCA-UK 2023: RAKU READY Character Reveals!
VOCA-UK 2023: RAKU READY Character Reveals!
4 June 2023
Let's take a look at who will be performing in the next concert!
Announcing VOCA-UK 2023
Announcing VOCA-UK 20239 April 2023
After the success of last year's event, VOCA-UK returns to RakuCon in August of 2023!
How we pulled off our RakuCon performance
How we pulled off our RakuCon performance22 August 2022
August was a hectic month for the VOCA-UK TEAM, with our first event suddenly being produced as well...
What's next after VOCA-UK 2022?
What's next after VOCA-UK 2022?7 August 2022
Looking back at 2022, we are thrilled to call it a resounding success! We are grateful to all of you...
How to watch 2022
How to watch 202220 July 2022
VOCA-UK 2022 ONLINE is coming 23/07/2022! It'll be free to watch and you can watch it online from 2P...
Trailer is out
Trailer is out22 June 2022
Did you know our trailer is out? We've finally announced the VOCA-UK project to the world! We apolog...
Welcome to VOCA-UK
Welcome to VOCA-UK17 April 2022
Hello and welcome to our blog! Here we're talk about upcoming