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Trailer is out
22 June 20221 min read


Did you know our trailer is out? We've finally announced the VOCA-UK project to the world! We apologise for writing this post a few days late, as we have been quite busy with post-launch things.


The video took a lot of planning to think of what would perfectly describe the VOCA-UK project to the world. The finalised trailer is close to our original ideas, as it includes shots like the introduction with Hatsune Miku's Viva Happy intro before the logo appears. The animated background after the start is reused in some other things that we can't talk about yet due to spoilers, and the animated dancing segments are short parts from the upcoming 2022 concert. The part with the projection system is actually taken from a video test I uploaded to my personal account before announcing the project.

Editing wise, well, it was a bit of a pain!


<center> Very quickly rushed an edit to replace the audio, so see if you notice the timing issue! </center>

The censored text is in place to prevent spoilers for our upcoming concert. A lot of text effects and sound editing! The voice over was done by Tech, who will also be providing more in the future. The end card with the links was made by fite!


We hope you enjoyed this small look into the creation of our announcement trailer! Take a look at the final product here.