Our ConcertsWe are organising two types of concerts: online, and in-person. All our concerts have unique set lists changing each time. Every concert is free to watch or attend.
Our in-person concerts bring the singers to various stages across mainland UK. Featuring live holograms of the virtual singers singing and dancing on stage, the in-person concerts feature real life performers as well for various moments, as well as unique sound and lighting. We work with different groups to create many different events.
Our online-only concerts consist of never-before-seen MMD music videos with clean effects and smooth animations. There are also moments where you can use a portable device or projector to display the VOCALOID in your own home. We post special online videos as well, such as smaller story based ones like our "SEASONS PROJECT" or our memes on social media.
Some of our concerts are called "MINI" - these are smaller live events we run as well as our major ones.
HistoryTimeline of events and more about us
GuidelinesImportant guidelines to read about VOCA-UK attendance
Some of the virtual singers who perform at our concerts!
Hatsune profile pictureHatsune MikuCreator: Crypton Future MediaMiku is the most popular VOCALOID bringing the platform to worldwide fame.
Kagamine profile pictureKagamine RinCreator: Crypton Future MediaHer brother is Len, and they often perform together.
Kagamine profile pictureKagamine LenCreator: Crypton Future MediaHis sister is Rin, and they often perform together.
Megurine profile pictureMegurine LukaCreator: Crypton Future MediaFirst VOCALOID to fully support Japanese and English vocals.
MEIKO profile pictureMEIKO Creator: Crypton Future MediaThe first VOCALOID to sing in Japanese.
KAITO profile pictureKAITO Creator: Crypton Future Media5th VOCALOID developed.
IA profile pictureIA Creator: 1st PLACE Co., Ltd.IA's vocals are sampled from Japanese singer-songwriter Lia.
Kasane profile pictureKasane TetoCreator: TWINDRILLOriginally a joke creation, and technically a UTAU, Kasane Teto is a popular character in online memes.
Otomachi profile pictureOtomachi UnaCreator: MTK Inc. and Internet Co., Ltd.VOCALOID character created as a collaboration between MTK Inc. and Internet Co., Ltd.
Custom EventsWant us to perform at your convention or event? Contact us via our contact page, social media or! Please note we do not do private concerts for individuals.