Online content

  • Do not redistribute any VOCA-UK content (e.g images, videos, text) without getting prior permission from us first (see contact).
  • For fan-art, news or documentary purposes, unmodified logos and screenshots may be used as long as it is not for defamatory or illegal purposes.

In-person notices and recommendations

  • Flash photography is forbidden due to the potential of affecting the projections.
  • Do not wave anything other than glowsticks, as the size of the item may affect the viewing for others and our camera systems.
  • For safety reasons, please mind your space (e.g do not jump).
  • Earplugs and water is recommended, unfortunately due to budgeting reasons we cannot provide this for you.
  • Whilst filming is allowed inside the venue, it is not advised to film the entire concert as a professional recording will be made available online shortly after the concert ends.
  • VOCA-UK TEAM is not responsible for any quarrels between attendees or loss of personal belongings.
  • Using equipment or items other than smartphones, bottled drinks and glowsticks without prior permission is strictly forbidden.
Permission RequestIf you need specific permission for waving items, filming or using content, please contact us.