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Frequently asked questions
How much will be the concerts be? How long? Where? Tell me more!All of the concerts will be free for the foreseeable future. This is entirely due to the fact the licensing for character usage, 3D models and motions only permit non-commercial usage. Our aim for the concerts are to be around 1 hour in length, and are performed at various conventions. The information regarding which convention we will be performing at will be revealed on our social media.
How can I support you?We gladly accept donations to our Liberapay (PayPal or Stripe) - these go directly to purchasing equipment and paying for venue fees! You can donate here. We also accept any help with the project!
Will it be streamed on YouTube?Yes. 2022 ONLINE was streamed live, and 2022 MINI: LINK START was uploaded a few days after the event to allow for editing the recording.
Do you plan on making any further concerts after VOCA-UK 2023?That is definitely something we want to consider, however it entirely depends on how many people turn up to our 2023 event and how much it was to run. The costs for future events should be lower than the initial investment (purchasing equipment etc) so it is possible.