About UsWe are a fully remote group working on not-for-profit unofficial 3D CGI concerts using animation and hologram technology. Formed in November 2021, we are creating events at conventions and online. The name "VOCA-UK" is a combination of the words "VOCALOID™️" (or "Vocal Synthesis") and "UK" (United Kingdom). Our logo is taken from the Union Jack but with the Kagamine, Miku and MEIKO colours. VOCA-UK takes inspiration from the fantastic work of Magical Mirai, Miku Expo and 39's Final Giving Day.
David profile pictureDavid Director, rendering, keyboardA student and developer, he is currently exploring 3D animation.
Tech profile pictureTech Rendering, voice over, guitarHe is a YouTuber and avid Hatsune Miku fan who is also learning guitar.
fite! profile picturefite! Logo design, graphic designShe is a logo and UI designer, as well as a tech enthusiast and VOCALOID fan.
Sekoree profile pictureSekoree Programming, assistant planningVOCALOID fan and C# developer, he works on various projects including the Hatsune Miku bot.
OUR CONTRIBUTORSTo everyone who has ever supported us - thank you!
MelloWeb design and development
Mello icon
BloodDragoonerPlanning assistance
BloodDragooner icon
Esme1971Planning, live assistant
AlucoLive assistant
EartharoidWeb QA
OUR PARTNERSNone yet! You can email us if you are interested, though
Legal InformationThe VOCA-UK project does not sell any items nor provide rewards for donations and is therefore a "non-commercial" and "non-profit" project. This as such aligns the project within the guidelines of the corporations and individuals who have licensed characters, models, motions, and in some cases music to the public. The online event music usage is covered by NexTone Inc. or similar companies, or it is covered by a permission from the original artist or a license such as Creative Commons, and the in-person events music usage either has permission from the original artist or the music is covered under TheMusicLicense from PRS. The project is not affiliated with any of the companies or individuals who have licensed the characters, models, motions, and music to the public.